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Terms of Service

Before creating an account, you must read and agree to the terms of service.

Before you continue:

Please read and agree to our terms of service.

  1. Login details: the user should keep the details safely and should never publish the details publicly.
  2. The proposed dataset should be associated with the GIS field. Geo4Dev will reject proposed datasets if datasets are not qualified to maintain data quality and to promote sustainable development.
  3. Geo4Dev reserves the right to deny access to the platform immediately after any sign of misuse or breach of the licence or this agreement. Otherwise, termination will be with a 30-day notice from Geo4Dev or upon request to be removed from the website by the named user
  4. Sources of the content should always be provided by link to the data itself. Geo4Dev website does not host data, papers, books, etc.
  5. The user cannot modify the functionality of the platform, only the content of datasets.
  6. This agreement may be modified by Geo4Dev team at any time
  7. You agree to access and use the Geo4Dev website only for lawful purposes
  8. You specifically agree that you will not utilize email addresses obtained by using this website to transmit the same or substantially similar unsolicited message to 10 or more recipients in a single day, or 20 or more emails in a single week, unless doing so is necessary for legitimate business purposes.
  9. Links on this website lead to other websites that are not operated by Geo4Dev. Geo4Dev does not control these websites nor control their content. Geo4Dev provides these links to users for convenience.These links are not an endorsement of products, services, or information, and do not imply any association between the Geo4Dev team and the operators of the linked website. You are fully responsible for yourself when you select a link to an outside website.
  10. We ask that user update their submitted datasets in a certain of time or certify that it does not need to be updated

Geo4Dev target datasets:

Datasets published to the Geo4Dev website should be related to the following three topics: (1) Development, and (2) Remote Sensing and/or Geospatial Information Sciences (GIS). Data associated with developing countries are favored. If a data is not directly related to developing countries but can potentially be implemented in a developing country, the data is also welcomed to be published to the Geo4Dev website.

Here, we have an example dataset. The dataset is an academic publication titled “Nighttime lights as a proxy for Human Development at the local level.“ The study utilizes nighttime light satellite data (Remote Sensing) to study the development trends in western Kenya (Developing Country).

Free, online data resources are also welcomed to be published. Any data resources related to GIS are favored. There are several different types of data resources shared on the Geo4Dev website; for example, USGS EarthExplorer (satellite images), Open Topography (topography data), GADM (country-level administrative data). Feel free to share and publish online open data resources.

Datasets typically fall into one of the following fields: Health & Emergency Response, Environment, Governance & Management, Land Use & Land Cover, Demographics & Socioeconomics, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Datasets. However, please don’t hesitate to publish new datasets even if they are not in these categories!

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