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  • Satellite Crop Type Mapping

    Natalie Ayers, with contributing authors Shruti Jain and the Atlas AI team

    This tutorial provides guidance on creating a machine learning model to identify crop types from satellite imagery and other earth observation data. It follows a process refined...
  • Radiance Calibrated Nighttime Lights Tutorial

    Natalie Ayers

    Satellite imagery of nighttime lights provides a unique perspective on the spread of electric lighting across the globe. While these data are often used to track development,...
  • Population-Weighted Wealth Mapping

    Natalie Ayers, with contributing author Emily Aiken

    This tutorial will guide the user through the creation of population-weighted wealth maps and statistics for administrative areas of interest. After an explanation of...
  • Global Subway Systems Learning Module

    Natalie Ayers

    Subways are a popular form of public transportation worldwide, given their speed, capacity, and lack of reliance on road infrastructure and conditions. Proponents argue that the...
  • Deforestation and Land Cover Learning Module

    Shanchao Wang, Natalie Ayers

    Vegetation Continuous Fields Datasource for Calculating Deforestation Information about vegetation coverage of the earth's surface - particularly changes in coverage - enables...
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