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Homisland-IO: Homogeneous Land Use/Land Cover over the Small Islands of the Indian Ocean

Many small islands are located in the southwestern Indian Ocean. These islands have their own environmental specificities and very fragmented landscapes. Generic land use products developed from low and medium resolution satellite images are not suitable for studying these small territories. This is why we have developed a land use/land cover product, called Homisland-IO, based on remote sensing processing on high spatial resolution satellite images acquired by SPOT 5 satellite between December 2012 and July 2014. This product has been produced using an object-based classification process. The overall accuracy of the product is 86%. Homisland-IO is freely accessible through a web portal and is thus available for future use.

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Author(s) Christophe RĂ©villion, Artadji Attoumane and Vincent Herbreteau
Last Updated March 25, 2021, 18:05 (UTC)
Created March 25, 2021, 18:05 (UTC)
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Date 2019-06-19
Publishing Body MDPI
Content Type Publications
Primary Category Environment
Sub Category Oceans
Country Name India
Location-Region/City Indian Ocean
Location Latitude -30.2019513
Location Longitude 79.13605323
Publishing Organization New Light Technologies
Author(s) Affiliations New Light Technologies